Cherry Blossom Festival

5 Things You Need to Know About the International CherryCherry Blossoms Are HereBlossom Festival

If there's anything you need to know about the International Cherry Blossom Festival (March 19-April 4), it's all right here:

1. When do the cherry blossoms bloom?

This popular question has a different answer each year. The average peak bloom period is typically the third week of March and lasts roughly 10 days. The peak bloom last year occurred during our Cherry Blossom Festival which was held March 21-30. For live streaming of Cherry Blossom blooms from Gateway Macon's web cam, click here.

2. Where can you see the cherry blossoms?                                    

Luckily for Macon, our Cherry Blossom trees are located throughout the city. High concentrations of Cherry Blossom trees can be found near the neighborhoods surrounding Wesleyan College. These roads are Northside Drive, Oxford Road, Ingleside Avenue and Pierce Avenue. We also have plenty of Cherry Blossom trees in our historic downtown and in Central City Park, the hub of many Cherry Blossom Festival activities. Click here for the best places to see these breathtaking trees.

3. What time of day should you visit?

There is no bad time to visit the cherry blossoms. Any time you get to see them is time well spent. Viewing the trees during the day shows off the beautiful pale pink of the blossoms. The glow of the trees in the night is a sight to see.

4. What International Cherry Blossom Festival events are going on?

Family-friendly activities, exciting events and concerts occur throughout the festival. Here are just a handful of the major events:

March 20-29: Central City Park Food. International Food plus your favorite "Fair Food." The best food in town for 10 days is at the park.

March 22: Pink on Pink Parade presented by Geico. The Cherry Blossom Festival Parade is one of the Festival's premier events. There is no better way to spend a springtime Sunday afternoon.

March 23-27: Third Street Park Festivities presented by APCU. Come celebrate a theme every day during the 3rd Street Park Festivities and enjoy free ice cream, donuts, and more!

March 28-29: 45th Annual Mulberry Street Arts and Crafts Festival. A weekend filled with every crafty treasure you could ever want, come shop the hundreds of artistic vendors' booths.

March 28: Music Festival: In concert-crawl style, a variety of venues host musical performances, and Festival participants can venue-hop and listen to their favorite bands.

For a complete list of activities, please visit the International Cherry Blossom's website at

5. How else can I experience the International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon?

The International Cherry Blossom Festival sweeps the entire city. You can barely travel anywhere in Macon in March and April without seeing the festival's influence. Be on the lookout for restaurants serving up Cherry Blossom-themed menu items, view the painted cherry blossoms on cars and on Macon's store-fronts, and gaze at the Cherry Blossom trees in Macon's neighborhoods.

So, now that you have the basics down, you're ready to go. Enjoy this year's festival!