In honor of the Visit Macon's 35th Anniversary, we're celebrating the '35 Faces of Soul.' These are the local faces of tourism in Macon. Whether it's the CEO of an organization, the front desk concierge at a hotel, or someone you wouldn't think has a connection to the tourism industry they all impact the visitor experience.

This is a small representation of the many organizations and individuals that impact Macon’s economic development and the travel & tourism industry.  The list of people and businesses highlighted will grow as we continue to feature who and what gives Macon its Soul. Click the photos below to learn more about the Macon's 'Faces of Soul'. #35FacesOfSoul #WhereSoulLives. 

Gary Wheat  Mayor Robert Reichert   Mr. James                                                       

Stacey Campbell Lee Mangum Melanie Byas


Sarrstud Family  Dr. Cassandra Washington   Thomas Bacote                                                   

Angela Bates  Nancy Lott   Maggie Johnson                                                      

Kaitlynn Kressin  Scott Mitchell    Brad Evans                                                    

Larry Brumley  Karla Redding-Andrews     EJ Nobles                                                  

Ethiel Garlington  Heidi Purvis & William Aultman   Mike Dyer: 35 Faces of Soul                                            

Angel Wynn - 35 Faces of Soul  Jessica Walden 35 Faces of Soul  Steve Moretti 35 Faces of Soul                                             

Josh Roers 35 Faces of Soul  Paul Baker 35 Faces of Soul  Ninfa Saunders 35 Faces of Soul                                             

David Quakenbush 35 Faces of Soul  Stephen Adams 35 Faces of Soul  Stephen Daughtery 35 Faces of Soul                                             

Bryan Nichols 35 Faces of Soul  Jan Beeland 35 Faces of Soul  Patty Gibbs 35 Faces of Soul                                             


Susan Welsh  Robbo Hatcher