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"I AM Macon" is an interactive customer service program designed to unite and educate the business community about the branding of Macon as a superior visitor and meeting destination.  In 2014, the direct tourist spending in Macon was $328.37 million.  Understanding how to reach out and communicate to visitors will help both your business and the city as a whole.

A free 3-hour training workshop is being offered to inform and educate your employees about Macon. Trained individuals become official "Macon Tourism Ambassadors" and are empowered with information that will allow them to provide superior customer service to Macon visitors.  Ambassadors are armed with useful facts, figures, and "Did You Know" anecdotes about Macon for use in customer interaction to ensure customers receive true "southern hospitality". View the resource guide given to you during the program here.

Remember - Helpful employees make happy customers. Happy customers spend more money.

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