Macon's Music Heritage

Is it the Ocmulgee River or the air in Macon, Georgia that put soul in Otis Redding, excitement in Little Richard, and the Southern funk in the Allman Brothers Band. If you stand in the breeze you may start whistling a tune. "Where Soul Lives" isn't just a motto for us, it's our story.

Otis Redding

Macon is home to many music legends from all genres of music from rock, gospel, the blues and the infamous Southern Rock. It was Duane Allman who said it best, "We never thought we were making history or inventing a new style of Southern music. It was just what we did. They named it. We didn't." While they may not have named it, the Allman Brothers along with other Macon artists like Joey Stuckey, Bo Ponder, Eddie Kirkland and Johnny Jenkins, just to name a few, made sure Macon's name resonated as being "Where Soul Lives".

Music wasn't only made here but produced as well. Capricorn Records was born here. The dream of Frank Fenter and Phil Walden boosted Otis Redding and many others to fame. Local DJ's who played Macon music across the air waves also made a name for themselves such as Hamp Swain and Palmira Braswell also known as Honey Bee.

Little Richard

Walk down MLK Boulevard and visit the newly renovated Douglass Theatre which played host to many greats on their road to fame. The historic theatre held weekly talent shows for locals and those who traveled here such as Ray Charles and James Brown. The stage also opened to native sons Little Richard Pennimon and Otis Redding.

Walk the halls of The Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House and see the largest collection of the band's memorabilia in the country.

The Allman Brothers Band

From guitars to old hotel keys, you can follow their trail to fame.

Join Rock Candy Tours and learn more about Macon's deep rooted music history as you join their Free Birds and Night Owls tour. Hear about music legends climb to fame and the fans they gathered along the way. Grant's Lounge is one of the stops along the way. The bar in Downtown Macon has a wall of fame filled with artists who came through its doors and later played on the stages around the world.

New legends continue to be born here. The city's music history stays alive through events such as the Bragg Jam Musical Festival, bringing in music acts from all over the Southeast. Even when this summer festival isn't shaking up the local music scene, local spots such as The Rookery, The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom, and Cox Capitol Theatre open their stages to local musicians keeping Macon nightlife alive Macon concerts are always on the horizon bringing Country stars and R&B legends from the past and present to the Macon Centreplex.

Macon's musical heritage is iconic filled with deep roots in soul and southern rock. Learn about Macon's music history and where Macon's current music scene is going during GPB's Music Voyager.


No matter how you spend your time in Macon, you won't be able to get away from our musical heritage. It's all a part of being in the city "Where Soul Lives", Macon Georgia.