Oops, they did it again.

For the second year in a row, Ocmulgee Brewpub has earned the title of Macon Burger Week winner.

Ocmulgee’s 2019 creation was the “Eat A Peach,” a burger topped with peach pico de gallo, smoked bacon, pepperjack cheese and creamy basil aioli.

Ocmulgee also won 2018 Burger Week with the Juliette, a now-permanent addition to their menu.

Visit Macon announced the Burger Week winner on their Facebook page.

From Sept. 16-22, Maconites had the chance to pay $5 and try Burger Week creations presented by restaurants across the city and vote on their favorites.

Some of the concoctions on the Burger Week menu included sweet treats, a quesadilla, a torta and even a pizza.

Macon Burger Week is presented by Visit Macon and Beef on Georgia’s Mind.

Here are the top five burgers for 2019 Burger Week:

Eat A Peach, Ocmulgee Brewpub
The Nineteenth Hole, Grey Goose Player’s Club
The Revival Burger, Famous Mike’s of Macon
Smokehouse Brisket Burger, Satterfield’s
Nacho Burger, Cashman’s Pub
Here are burger details for the four runner-up creations, according to the Macon Burger Week website.

The Nineteeth Hole

Southern meatloaf burger, bacon-infused smoked cheddar cheese sauce, chipotle ketchup and spring mix served on a bun.

The Revival Burger

Beef patty, sausage patty, egg souffle, mushrooms, cheese, and bacon onion jam served on a bun.

Smokehouse Brisket Burger

Blended patty of Angus chuck, brisket and short rib topped with brisket, homemade pimento cheese, slaw and sweet BBQ sauce served on a bun.

Nacho Burger

Beef patty, nacho cheese and American cheese stuffed in an egg roll and deep fried. The burger is topped with lettuce, pico, fiesta sauce and ancho chipotle sauce and served on a bun.