The Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau announced the new Macon Bike Share Program on Thursday.

Cruiser bikes are now available to rent at three convenient downtown locations including the Washington Memorial Library, Tubman Museum, and Ocmulgee Heritage Trail at Spring Street.

The first hour is free for riders and any hour after that is only three dollars.

CVB Director of Communications, Valerie Bradley, said this program will be beneficial for the community and businesses downtown.

"I think it will encourage everybody to get out and explore our city, particularly the downtown area. I think it will encourage people to experience our attractions and just really get out and enjoy our beautiful city.", said Bradley.

Anyone 16 years old or above can rent a bike by simply downloading the Zagster app and creating a profile.

Once the payment information is entered, a code to unlock the bike is sent.

This weekend is also the launch of the temporary bike network.

Over eight miles of bike lanes will be painted on various roads downtown and people will be able to rent these cruiser bikes to experience the pop-up lanes on the 16th and 17th.

"I think with this weekend with the pop-up bike grid that NewTown is sponsoring I think it's just a great weekend and even beyond that I think we're just really excited to have these types of options available for people to get out of their cars and walk through downtown.", said Bradley.

While the network of bike lanes is only temporary for now, the bike stations are here to stay.

The bikes can be returned at any of the stations and there are seven bikes available at each one.