MACON, Ga. -- The annual Jehovah's Witness Convention is taking place in Macon this weekend.
The event, which has been held in Macon for 47 years, brings about thousands of people to the city and, along with them, an economic boost.
Edward Blair, communications director for the convention, said that about 6,100 Jehovah's Witnesses came to town Friday morning and that by Saturday, about 10,000 will be here to attend the event at the Macon Centreplex.
"Well we've been coming here for about 47 years and we've always been received hospitably," Blair said.
Blair said that the church has booked about 1,600 hotel rooms so far this weekend and that over this weekend and next, when the Spanish-language Jehovah's Witness Convention takes place, he expects church members to have made about 4,800 hotel room bookings.
Over the last five years, Blair said the convention has brought in about $103 million in revenue for the county.
He said that the church continues to hold its convention in Macon year after year because of the hospitable nature of its residents. He said it is a great location to congregate and reconnect with friends from across the state.
Benny Janvier said the convention brings his family back to Macon every year to enjoy Macon's charm.
"It has a lot of character," Blair said. "It has a lot of various restaurants you can eat at. "It's easy to travel through, and we've found everybody real enjoyable."

Journalist: Claudia Coco