The list of claims to fame for the Big House Museum in Macon just keeps getting longer.

Country music sensation Jason Aldean was featured on the cover of this year’s Georgia Travel Guide Magazine and the shoot for that cover took place inside the museum in front of the house’s iconic stain glass door.

Director of Collections and Merchandise Richard Brent says it’s a huge deal for not only the Big House but the city.

“Everyone certainly in American recognizes Jason Aldean and so many people recognize this stain glass and that particular guitar he happens to be holding which is Dwayne Allman’s gold top and so hopefully that drives a lot of business into Macon and certainly the Big House,” said Brent.

Brent says the big house was also featured in USA today’s top 20 places to visit in Georgia. Despite previous years holding the number one spot, he says this year they’re still very proud to be number 3 on the list.