Restaurants around Macon will offer their boldest burger combinations for $5 during Macon Burger Week from Sept. 16-22

MACON, Ga. — Almost 20 food joints will compete to be crowned the Burger Week champion during a week-long competition. Visit Macon calls it the “beefiest week Macon has ever seen.”

Macon Burger Week, presented by the Georgia Beef Board and Visit Macon, is a week in which local restaurants showcase their talents by presenting creative, innovative burger combinations to the public for only $5 in mid-Sept. The first Macon Burger week was last year.

It is not a new event for the Georgia Beef Board, though. The organization participates in burger weeks in Atlanta and Savannah too.

“We decided to bring the fun to Macon,” said Georgia Beef Board Director of Public Relations and Industry Information Kaytlyn Malia.

From Sept. 16-22, customers can pick up a “passport” and travel to the 19 different participating locations to collect as many stamps as they can.

Every time you buy a burger week burger, you earn a stamp. Turn in the passport at the end of the week for a chance to win a prize.

Customers also get to vote for the burger of the week. The location with the most votes for the best burger is crowned the contest winner.

Malia says other than bragging rights, the winning restaurant is rewarded with a banner to showcase in their building.

In order to participate in the city’s burger week, Macon restaurants must follow two rules: The first is the location must offer a burger with a beef patty. The patty can incorporate other ingredients, but beef is the star of the show. Participating locations that serve desserts are the only establishments that are not required to follow this rule. The second rule is locations can only charge $5 for the burger.

“We get to – one – involve a lot of local businesses and promote and partner with them, but also we get to promote the delicious beef product that is made possible by Georgia’s farmers and ranchers,” Malia said. “That’s what’s important for us.”

A Mac Fatty Pizza Burger from Fatty’s Pizza, a cupcake burger from Felicia’s Cake Factory, and a cucumber burger from Growler USA are just some of the eccentric burgers featured on the 2018 list.

The 2019 list is just as enticing considering only seven have been officially announced so far, with a quesadilla burger from Spud Dogs and a kimchi burger from the Rookery.

The Georgia Beef Board estimates 5,000 people ordered a burger during the 2018 week, and Malia says the agency is expecting more participants this year.

Last year, Ocmulgee Brewpub took the crown for its Juliette Burger. It included a house ground beef patty topped with a slice of pepper jack cheese, a fried green tomato, lettuce, bacon, and a balsamic sweet onion remoulade from Travis Jean Emporium.

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The Juliette Burger championed at almost 700 votes, Malia says.

Four more restaurants are taking part in this year's contest than last year, but several restaurants that participated in the burger battle in 2018 are not indulging in the competition next week.

El Camino, Growler USA, H&H Soul Food, and Steve’s Steak and Seafood are staying out.

Here is a list of the 2019 Macon Burger Week burgers:

Amici Macon – Buff Bacon and Bleu Double Stack Burger: 2 Black Angus beef patties, apple wood smoked bacon, topped with Amici Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles on a H &F brioche bun

Bearfoot Tavern – Burgerfied Baked Potato: Black Angus Beef, shishito peppers, Guinness hamburger relish, caramelized onions, bacon, mushrooms, topped with cheddar, mozzarella and bleu cheese

Cashman's Pub – Nacho Burger: Beef burger patty, nacho cheese and American cheese stuffed in an egg roll wrap and deep fried. Topped with lettuce, pico, fried jalapenos, fiesta sauce and ancho chipotle sauce all served on a bun

Decadent Dessert Bar Macon – Decadent Delight: Sugar cookies, brownie and icing

Famous Mikes of Macon – The Revival Burger: 6 oz beef patty, sausage patty, egg souffle,mushrooms, cheese, and bacon onion jam.

Fatty's Pizza – The Fatty Patty: Slice of pizza with house marinara, crumbled beef, tomatoes, onions, pickles and cheddar cheese

Felicia's Cake Factory – Felicia’s Sweet Burger: Vanilla Cupcake, chocolate cake, frosting, sugar cookies and icing

Fincher's Barbecue – BBQ Burger: Fincher’s original homemade burger topped with world famous pulled pork

FOJ and eatery – Rocking Chair Bordeaux Burger: Rocking Chair Ranch beef patty, drunkin onions, ghost pepper cheese, candied bacon and bleu cheese sauce on a challah bun.

Greek Corner Pizza – Mediterranean Burger: Angus beef patty, spinach, ricotta cheese, feta cheese and onions on a bun

Grey Goose Players Club – The Nineteenth Hole: Southern meatloaf burger, bacon- infused smoked cheder cheese sauce, chipotle ketchup and spring mix served on a bun

Ocmulgee Brewpub – Eat a Peach: House- ground beef patty topped with peach pico de gallo, smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and a creamy basil aioli

Parish on Cherry St. – Gringo Burger: Seasoned beef patty, lettuce, tomato, nacho cheese, sour cream jalepeno sauce and a spicy cream taco sauce topped with nacho chips on a bun

Rookery – Kimchi Carter: Certified Black Angus beef, braised pork belly, thai peanut sauce, house-made kimchi jelly with option to add lettuce, tomato pickle and onion on a brioche bun

Satterfield's – Smokehouse Brisket Burger: Blended patty of Angus chuck, brisket and short rib topped with brisket, homemade pimento cheese, slaw and sweet BBQ sauce

Spud Dogs – Spud Burgerdilla: Sliders loaded and stuffed into a butter grilled flour tortilla, quesadilla style, garnished with all the fixins’

The Brick – Choriz-oh! Burger: Beef and chorizo patty with lettuce, tomato and bacon served on a craft bun topped with melted white American cheese.

Tommy's – Tommy's Loose Meat Burger: Loose ground beef covered in spices and a pimento cheese sauce, topped with pickles and served on a fresh made donut bun.

Tzango Cocina – Liberty Torta: European style roll, burger patty, white American/Swiss cheese blend, chipotle BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickles and jalapenos.