MACON, Ga. — Right about now, we'd all be in our pink, taking in the many Cherry Blossom Festival events around town.

This year, coronavirus forced the festival to cancel most everything, but there are still a few ways you can join in, and they fall well within our current social guidelines.

Don't put away your pink gear just yet.

A bunch of community groups collaborated and came up with an original song about the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Steve Moretti with the Macon Pops thought a music video would enhance the experience.

"So it's a wonderful depiction of what the Cherry Blossom is, what it means to Macon, all of the major landmarks and elements that people would recognize," Moretti said.

The video and song are all part of the Cherry Blossom's efforts to have some events online this year. They'll have nightly concerts on Facebook, you can buy merchandise, and pick up cherry blossom-themed meals downtown.

Here's something else you can do that has to do with social distancing -- you can get in your car and go along the Cherry Blossom trail, where you'll see beautiful pink blooms.

The trees are in various stages of blooming throughout Macon.

Moretti says this is all aimed at bringing folks a little joy during a tough time.

"To get people away from this pandemic for a little while, just kind of clear your head and enjoy it," Moretti said.

And as for the song, "I want it to go viral -- I want it to go nuts," Moretti said with a smile. "Now that everyone's at home, I want it to be streamed and watched, hopefully, millions of times."