New flavors and energy-filled products dominated items at the tenth Georgia Association of Convenience Stores Trade Show this year.

Suzanne Lawler roamed the aisles and found Mike Delamar handing out morsels of breaded fish and chicken. He's from Kentucky but says the key to business is marketing. "We brought plenty of samples," he said. "That's the way you sell your product. You've got to get it in their mouth."

In the coming months, you may see energy-filled mints on the shelves, 'Swamp People' baseball hats, or Hot Mama pickles.

Tammy Hancock from Sandersville says her husband's family owns a chain of stores. She loaded up her sample bag with stuff. "I've got Mike and Ike candy. The kids will love these samples," she said with a smile.

The show wrapped up Thursday.