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Dairy Lane dish on list of 100 plates locals love

It's an American classic, you eat it at backyard cook outs and parties. It's the Cheeseburger and folks around the area say Dairy Lane in Sandersville sure can cook one up.

The burger was named one of the top 100 plates in the state that locals love by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Dairy Lane opened in 1953 and owner B.T. Walters says the recipe hasn't changed since then.

It's the signature dish at Dairy Lane in Sandersville. The classic cheeseburger. And people will tell you, Virgie Collins is the queen of making them just right. We asked what's the secret? "We put mayonnaise on the top, we use a eight ounce jumbo patty and we put a whole slice of cheese, add pickle, and that will be a jumbo cheese," said Collins.

She's worked at Dairy Lane since 1968 and says the recipe keeps people coming back for more. Charlie Rawlings swings by the restaurant several times a week for a bite. "I like this just so simple and not just like a whole bunch of stuff on it, it's really original and it's probably the best thing here," said Rawlings. 

John Brooker says it's about more than the recipe. "If anybody that comes back to Sandersville that's lived here before they gotta come to the Dairy Lane. They come in here and they get cheeseburgers and take back to their kids at home wherever they live," said Brooker. 

B.T. Walters owns the place. The restaurant has been in his family since the late nineties and he's proud to have such a famous dish. "Definitely one of the best sellers that we have. That and the hamburger. I couldn't quite tell you but I'd say we probably go somewhere near probably 2,000-3,000 cheeseburgers a day if I had to guess," said Walters. 

Other Central Georgia restaurants on the list, the fried chicken at Macon's H&H Soul Food, calamari at Milledgeville's Aubri Lane's, The Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette. Others on the list include Mahi Mahi Tacos at Smith's Coastal Grill in Eatonton, The Fried fresh Catfish Platter at Cedar Lane Supper club in McRae, Bruni at Deano's Italian in Dublin and Maria's Homemade Pasta at Dublin Farm in Dublin.

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