The largest tandem rally in the south returned to Macon on Saturday.

Drivers in Bibb and Jones County shared the roads with more than 100 tandem bikes. 

Organizers of the Georgia Tandem Rally said the bike ride is just for fun, but it does benefit local economies for each city they visit.

The bike rally will produce an estimated $90,000 in Macon this holiday weekend. 

Bikers ride anywhere from 17 to 60 miles, starting in Macon. Some biked all the way to Jones County.

"everybody goes by their ability, and they pick their own distance. They go their own speed. It's not a race. All they have to do is finish,” said Roger Strauss, one of the tandem riders.

This is the 17th year of the Georgia Tandem Rally. The rally returned to Macon for the first time since 2011.