As people leave Florida in fear of Hurricane Irma, Jim Grindel says he is doing the opposite.

“We're delivering all his college and high school furniture down to his new apartment in Tampa,” says Grindel.

Grindel says he and his wife are going to help his son move hurricane or not.

“We've all dealt with storms in life good, bad we'll push through it,” says Grindell.

But while Grindel is leaving, the manager of the Country Inn and Suites, Harry Patel, says everyone else is coming.

“Phone is off the hook constantly ringing,” says Patel.

Patel says people started calling on Monday and they sold out of rooms just a few hours later. Now he says they have to prepare.

“Getting in extra food order but that will probably last us a couple of days, so we'll place the order again next week but it all depends on this hurricane what path it takes,” says Patel.

Patel says they are even preparing in case storms hit Macon.

“We have got flashlights, candles anything else we need to do on our side we are prepared. Extra sheets, pillow cases, towels,” says Patel.

But Grindel says this is just a way to push himself out of his comfort zone.

Journalist Mary Grace Shaw

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