At the 34th annual Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau (MBCCVB) meeting, local leaders and community stakeholders share the end-of-the-year results for the group tour markets, leisure and meetings. 

Branding expert and owner of Chandlerthinks, Steve Chandler says re-branding a community is not easy, and takes a collaborative effort. 

"People are talking about Macon right now. The community of Macon is talking right now," Chandler says, "So, the first thing that we're going to try to do is just learn what people are saying then we'll asses does it need to be tweaked or not."

Chandler and a team from the CVB plan to start assessing the community for the re-branding project on Sept. 8-11. 

According to Valerie Bradley with the CVB, the teams will start by interviewing local officials, community members and business owners to get a feel of what Macon needs.