Macon has made another national list, and this time it’s good news.

Macon is ranked the second highest of the country’s “best value cities” for 2016 travel, according to data compiled by, a search engine that focuses on hotels.

American travelers are craving the comfort and charm of smaller cities and towns, the travel site said in a news release. In particular, travel interest in towns with fewer than 50 hotels has been on the rise throughout 2014 and 2015, as Americans seek out less crowded and more budget-friendly destinations.

The “best value” index ranks cities based on a combination of consumer ratings and average price of a standard double room, with 100 percent being a perfect score, Trivago said.

Cities with at least 50 hotels and a minimum average of 150 user ratings per hotel were considered in the “best value cities” index. The 2016 “best value small town” list included cities or towns with fewer than 50 hotels.

The No. 1 best value city, according to the site, is Branson, Missouri. The No. 1 best value small town is Hillsboro, Texas.

Here’s the top 10 cities list, with each one’s index score:

1. Branson, Missouri, 90.50

2. Macon, 89.80

3. Montgomery, Alabama, 89.51

4. Wichita, Kansas, 89.21

5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 89.17

6. Lincoln, Nebraska, 88.98

7. Springfield, Missouri, 88

8. Little Rock, Arkansas, 87.88

9. Augusta, Georgia, 87.83

10. Tulsa, Oklahoma, 87.77

Macon has popped up on other lists. About five weeks ago, RoadSnacks ranked Macon the worst place to live among the country’s biggest 250 cities, citing home values, crime and median household income, among other criteria.

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