According to, Macon is the No. 4 best value destination for 2017.
That ranking is based on hotel prices, guest reviews and entertainment options for travelers.
Valerie Bradley, vice president of marketing for the Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau said Macon is a great place to come visit because it has a lot of prominent things like architecture, museums, nature and history.

"We have the Hay House where people can go and learn about the history of that house, and see all of the architecture that is displayed in that house as well as the Cannonball House and its tie to the Civil War history that was here in Macon," Bradley said.
Admission for those two places tops out at only $11.
Bradley said that the local festivals are a great time to come into town and enjoy all of the local restaurants.
"In a couple weeks we have the Macon Film Festival, as well as Bragg Jam, and it's just a really exciting time," she said.
You can purchase tickets for as low as $20 for those festivals.
Dr. Andy Ambrose, the director of Tubman Museum, said that the museum is another great attraction that offers visitors a combination of African American art, history and culture. He said it is the largest museum of its kind and is well worth the $10 price tag for admission.
Ambrose said that in many ways, the museum functions like a traditional museum and a cultural performing arts center. He said they also like to promote community.
"For example; on the second Saturday of every month, we provide an African drumming circle outside the museum or inside the museum with authentic West African drums," he said.
Ambrose said there is something for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price.
"Whether they like art, whether they like history, or whether they like--performances--then they're going to find something here they can enjoy," he said.
The Tubman also just received a grant from the Knight Foundation to transform their back rotunda into a drive-in movie theater and a performance space for more people to enjoy at a low price.