MACON, GA. -- The Macon Mayhem Professional Hockey Team have a jam-packed weekend of SPHL action this weekend that the whole family can enjoy. The Mayhem are celebrating St. Hat-Trick's Day on Friday at 7:30, Muscogee-Creek Nation Night on Saturday at 6:30, and Cherry Blossom Night on Sunday at 5:00.


Saturday’s theme is honoring the Muscogee-Creek Nation who are native to middle Georgia. Before European settlers arrived in modern day Georgia, the Muscogee-Creek Nation consisted of over 60 towns incorporating the small tribes around them. After a series of battles and war fought against the new country that was created around them, the Muscogee-Creek peoples were forced out of their indigenous lands and relocated to the United States’ “Indian Territory” that would later become the state of Oklahoma. Despite being forcefully removed from their homeland and suffering the loss of approximately one-third of their population because of their relocation, the Muscogee-Creek people continued to persevere and keep their traditions alive today.


Today, the Muscogee-Creek Nation represents more than 93,000 Muscogee and Yuchi citizens and is the fourth largest tribe in the United States. Though its capitol is located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, the Muscogee-Creek nation has direct ties to its deeply rooted cultural and political origins in the Ocmulgee River Corridor in Georgia.


In the years since their removal, the City of Macon has embraced the people who inhabited this land first. Through the works of Visit Macon, the Ocmulgee Mounds was listed as Georgia’s first National Historic Park and the history of the area is evident all over Macon’s historic downtown. The Macon Mayhem are working closely with members of the Visit Macon and the Muscogee-Creek Nation to pay respect to the history of their people and this land. The Mayhem will be wearing specialty jerseys designed by members of the Muscogee-Creek Nation to be worn during the game and auctioned off afterwards. Members of the tribe will be present during the game as guest speakers to share what Macon, Georgia means to them.


To learn more about the Muscogee-Creek Nation and the Muscogee-Creek Nation history, visit and To find more information about the Mayhem and their games this weekend, visit


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