Macon named one of the top 15 cities for American Culture

The travel website Expedia named Macon one of the top 15 cities for American Culture.

The website says the food, architecture, history, and music play a major role.

Gabrielle Dawkins took a trip to several Macon attractions to see what makes make the city stand out.

Expedia recognized some of Macon's finest. If the beautiful architecture doesn't capture your attention, Macon's soul food surely will.

“Order up!” yelled an employee!

“A lot of people say it's like being in your grandma's kitchen,” said Drew Jennings, general manager of H&H.

The H&H restaurant started in 1959, and its walls are decorated with pictures of musicians and celebrities who once took a bite of their southern meals.

“Before the Allman Brothers had actually became, they actually came here and ate before they made any money or anything, and Mama Louise took care of them, and she was the founder of H & H,” said Jennings.

And there are more ties to Macon, like Otis Redding.

Administrative Assistant at the Otis Redding Foundation, Leila Regan-Porter, said the Expedia article is already making its impact locally.

“Yeah, we already got a couple of calls. People wanting to come down from Atlanta who are working up there and want to come down on Saturday to have a look at the mini-museum and buy some merchandise,” said Regan-Porter.

But all in all, the travel website could pique interest in businesses hoping to share Macon's American Culture.

“To have those sites be able to promote us and show a little piece of Macon and maybe get somebody off of 475 or off of I-16 or 75, to come through the city, it's really great for everybody,” said Jennings.