GULF SHORES, Ala. (May 29, 2013)-ConventionSouth, the national multimedia resource for planning events that are held within the South, has selected Macon for their 2013 Editors' Hot Picks for the "South's Smartest Medical Cities for Groups." After an in-depth review of nearly 30 cities in the South that are known for their healthcare infrastructure, the editors of ConventionSouth have deemed Macon to be one of the most ideal cities for hosting healthcare-focused groups and meetings.

"It is with great honor to recognize Macon as one of the South's top cities for hosting medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare meetings and events," said ConventionSouth Associate Publisher Marlane Bundock.  "Macon is home to several nationally recognized medical facilities such as the Medical Center of Central Georgia, the Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, and Macon's Coliseum Health System. Macon's reputation in the U.S. and global healthcare industry provides a valuable resource for medical and healthcare conferences, allowing the events to have access to some of the country's most renowned hospitals,  healthcare institutions and experts."

The July Issue of ConventionSouth will showcase nine cities, including Macon, that have been selected byConventionSouth editors for being "smart" options for hosting medical and healthcare meetings.

Celebrating 30 years as a leading meeting planning resource, ConventionSouth magazine is based in Gulf Shores, Ala., and is circulated to more than 18,000 meeting professionals located across the country who book meetings held within the South, according to Bundock.

A complete list of ConventionSouth's 2013 Editors' Hot Picks for the "South's Smartest Medical Cities for Groups" can be found online at