“Macon & the Soong Sisters”
Sing Tao Daily News, 7/22/2012, P.E2
Summary Translation

Macon, a small city 80 miles south of Atlanta, is known as the “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World”. Its population is only 100,000, but has over 300,000 Yoshino Cherry trees. Every Spring in March when the cherry trees are in full bloom, the City hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival for 10 days. Thousands of people come to visit this place which is listed in the popular book “1000 Places to see before you die”.

Macon prides itself to be “The Song & Soul of the South”. Several grand mansions such as Hay House and The Cannonball House are worth a visit. Nu-Way Wieners is one of the two oldest hot dog vendors in the US. When you order, make sure you say “All the Way”!

Macon is also the home to Wesleyan College, established in 1836 and was the first women’s college in the world to grant degrees. The three famous Soong Sisters attended Wesleyan College a hundred years ago, two of them graduated with degrees and the youngest one transferred to Wellesley College. All of them eventually moved back to China and married with rich, famous and powerful future leaders of China. 

(the rest of the article discusses why the Soong Sisters chose Wesleyan for their schooling; Wesleyan’s relationship with them; and future plans)