MACON, Ga.-- Downtown Macon has all kinds of great restaurants, shopping, and activities. But it was missing a hotel...until now.

Crews are putting the finishing touches on Hotel Forty Five, set to open in early 2022.

Owned by Marriott, Hotel Forty Five is downtown Macon’s first and only full-service hotel; complete with a restaurant, rooftop bar, and lounge.

Of course, it’s not the only hotel in Macon, another Marriott is located just across the river. But, it is the only hotel in the downtown area.

Valerie Bradley, Visit Macon's Vice President of Marketing, says the timing has finally lined up for this kind of project,

“A few years ago, a hotel feasibility study was done and it was concluded that the Macon community could support 500 additional rooms. Specifically, the downtown property area was in need of a full-service hotel. So, Hotel Forty Five is a brand new product that we are really excited is opening and we’re able to sell it to bring additional people here to Macon," said Bradley.

The people it does bring to the downtown area will need a bit more spending cash. Hotel Forty Five will likely be the city’s most expensive stay.

At 242 dollars per night, Hotel Forty Five is about 100 dollars more than the competition.

Bradley says the demand for a higher-end hotel is there. Having a place like Hotel Forty Five is a selling point for companies in need of a place to hold meetings and conventions.

There will also be those in town for vacation, and locals who want a night out at a rooftop bar.

“It’s definitely an asset that we did not have before. And now that we do have it, we’re excited about it.”

Hotel Forty Five opens next month.