MACON, Ga. -- As Hurricane Dorian approached the Georgia coast, many evacuees made Middle Georgia home for a few days -- but impacts in the Carolinas mean the midstate could take in even more.

Valerie Bradley with Visit Macon says local hotels have stayed largely full this week as evacuees wait out the storm.

Evacuees from the Florida and Georgia coast have already been in Middle Georgia, some of them camped out in parks, but many waiting in local hotels. 

"We began to see evacuees here entering into the city around Sunday into Monday, and the hotels have been pretty much full, and are scheduled to be full from Tuesday right until tomorrow, which is Friday. However, that may change, based on the track that the storm is taking right now," Bradley says.

The potential for more evacuees coming to Middle Georgia remains possible though as people from North Carolina and South Carolina could arrive as early as Friday afternoon.

"We have seen an increase in visitation here to our Visitor's Center as well, so our destination specialists have been helping those evacuees find things to do while they're here in Macon," says Bradley.

Evacuees who are looking for a place to stay during the storm can also check out the Salvation Army in Macon, the South Bibb Recreation Center, and Georgia's state parks. Veterans and their families evacuating the storm are also welcome at Carl Vinson Medical Center.

Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare is also accepting evacuees' pets but ask owners to provide food if possible.

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