House Bill 757, also known as the Religious Liberty Bill, was designed to protect any person or faith-based organization from government action if they refuse to participate in a same-sex wedding or any marriage ceremony.

The Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau said that this bill could discourage certain types of people, businesses and tourism in Macon.

"We definitely see that it could have an impact to be able to businesses and local tourists to come to the area," Communications Director Valerie Bradley said. "That's why we are in opposition of anything that allows discrimination."

The Georgia Senate approved the First Amendment Defense Act and now it's up to the House of Representatives.

Terrell Sandefur with the Macon Film Commission said this bill could have an effect of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Macon. It could hamper future film projects from coming to Macon.

David Barber with the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia said HB757 does not discriminate against anyone, it is only meant to protect the religious freedom of pastors and businesses that contribute to weddings to wedding ceremonies.