The T-SPLOST is splattered.

It may have passed in Bibb County, but the whole Middle Georgia region turned it down. It only passed in the Central Savannah River Area, Heart of Georgia and River Valley regions.

T-SPLOST would have raised millions of dollars for local infrastructure.

"Georgia used to have the best roads if you drove from here to Texas," James Vaughn, the Chairman of the Regional Round Table for T-SPLOST, said. "Now that's just now the case."

The one cent tax on every dollar spent would have raised 876 million dollars over the next 10 years. That money would have been put to specific infrastructure projects, such as widening Interstate 75 and improving sidewalks. Supporters say the tax would have been worth it.

"The folks I spoke to understood that yes this is a sacrifice and an investment, but it is a good sacrifice and investment," Monica Smith, a T-SPLOST proponent, said.

The Middle Georgia region is already working to get funding from the state. The governor of Georgia is stepping in and asking local agencies to prioritize what they want done in their areas.

Supporters of T-SPLOST aren't looking at this as a set back, instead they're looking toward the future.

"You gotta keep moving, you gotta keep moving forward and doing what we think we need to do to make this community move forward," Smith said.