MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - The future is happening now.

Cars that don't need gasoline anymore are becoming more popular, especially with car company Tesla.

But of course, they don't run without some type of power--they need to charge.

Folks who drive a Tesla electric car have a really easy way to do it with a supercharging station Tesla just built in the heart of Macon. 

The city partnered with Tesla to install the station downtown near the corner of MLK Boulevard and Poplar Street--right in 41NBC's backyard.

One Macon Tesla owner loves his car so much, he bought he wife one as well.

He says the supercharging station is great to take trips down to Savannah and Charleston or wherever you want to go.

"I was interested in having a single car that could run on pure electricity," said Tesla owner Norman Nelson.

The charging port pops open like a gas tank would, but similarities to a normal car stop there.

"It's amazed me every step of the way," said Norman .

Norman drives a Tesla Model S, which draws its power from electricity--not gas.

"On all the things this car can do different from a regular internal combustible engine car," said Norman.

You just need to charge the car through the port on the side of the car, much like you'd gas up at a gas station.

Norman and other Tesla drivers around Middle Georgia can take advantage of a supercharging station installed right in our backyard at 41NBC near the corner of Poplar and MLK downtown.

Crews have worked for the past few weeks, and now the chargers are operational and free.

"Nothing for a Tesla vehicle to charge at a supercharger, it's free," said Norman. "It's an amenity."

Executive Director of the Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority Alex Morrison spearheaded the connection between the city and Tesla.

"Tesla approached the Mayor and the city about a possible partnership," said Morrison. "They said they were interested in the area and that they were building a corridor in the Southeast."

It was an easy exchange for the development authority.

"It cost nothing for the taxpayers," said Morrison. "We put in nothing. The Urban Development Authority already held the lot."

Which makes it easy for Norman to charge his 362 horsepower Model S, giving Norman's car more giddy up than a V6 Ford Mustang.

"It's incredibly smooth, it's plenty quick," said Norman. "It's almost like you will the car somewhere and it's there."

Morrison also mentioned the economic impact for the city--it will bring more people off the interstate and into restaurants and stores.

A Tesla is a little hefty on the price tag--they run at about $100,000 to buy.

But Norman figured with all he'd save in gas in the next 8 or 10 years, it would be worth it.