The Telegraph by Chelsea Madden

Maconites: If you are looking for a new vacation spot, you may not have to go very far.

According to a study conducted by My Baggage, Macon was listed as number three on the top 10 best places in the U.S. to visit this spring.

The study used TikTok to look at which cities were the most popular, or in this case, which locations had the highest amount of views on the app.

Macon was third, with a whopping 53.7 million TikTok views.

Number one on the list was Oregon Coast, Oregon. Macon beat out cities such as Sedona, Arizona; Nantucket Island, Massachusetts; and Palm Springs, California

So, why does Macon have so many views on TikTok? Well, it is no secret that Macon is home to some of the most beautiful springtime florals. In fact, there are over 350,000 Yoshino cherry blossom trees in Macon and an epic trail for tourists (or locals) to follow.

Macon also has Amerson River Park. “Amerson River Park has 180 acres of pristine forests, meadows and wetlands surrounded by a river oxbow and is a great day out, great for all age groups due to walking routes and a playground for children,” the My Baggage study noted.

Of course, Macon has plenty of great restaurants, bars and shops as well. Macon also has several beautiful places to stay, so there is no shortage of things to do or places to be.

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