Trivago: Macon's No. 2 on Best Value Cities list

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Monday, October 5th, 2015, 11:32pm
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Trivago: Macon is number 2 on best value cities list [video : 73413546]
A national travel site says, you might not have to look much further to find a budget-friendly hotel in Macon. That's because the Cherry Blossom Capital made the number two spot on Trivago's list of America's Best Value Towns and Cities for 2016.
The travel website says they see a trend in tourists looking for small towns with affordable, high rated hotels and friendly destinations. Jonathan Andre, General Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn, says Macon probably made the list due to quality service, decent prices, and southern hospitality. "When you really think about value, it's more than just a price. You know, and that's one thing that Trivago looks at is their reviews. And I think you take the southern hospitality and the folks in Macon and the great attitudes and we really create an experience," said Andre.
And when you walk into the Macon Marriott City Center you're greeted with warm smiles and made to feel right at home. "I picked this hotel because it's centrally located, it's very easy to get to from the Atlanta airport, nice drive down here. And it's, it's one of the bigger hotels and the staff is wonderful, they treat us like we're family and we really enjoy it here," said Kim Casaus, from Long Beach, California. 

Donald Jackson is from Atlanta but is here for business. "I would say, I'd put it at number one. The value can't be beat and the comfort. Downstairs is great," said Jackson. 
And Snellville native David Field agrees. "I like staying in Macon. I like the area, I like the convenience of this particular hotel to the downtown area," said Field. 
Robin North, Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau Vice President, says the city now has another opportunity to reach travelers who use Trivago. "Give us a new demographic. We don't always get to everybody, so our advertising budget is limited so it's nice to have an extra, an extra little boost that we didn't have to search out," said North. 
And she says the list might help lure more people into Macon. "We are a walkable downtown, we've got a lot of museums, we have a lot of attractions, people are friendly. The restaurants are interesting, they're not all chains. So, yeah, we have kind of a slam dunk," said North. 
Branson, Missouri was first on the list, Macon, number two, and Montgomery, Alabama was in the number three spot. 
Macon periodically ends up on various national lists from websites or groups ranking cities on a host of topics. Those lists are often on subjects that Macon would rather not be a part of.

Well, Macon has made its way onto another list, but this time, the news is positive.
Travel website Trivago, used for booking hotels, has compiled a list called "2016 US Best Value Cities" and Macon is No. 2.
According to a Trivago news release, a trend is emerging where Americans are craving travel to small towns looking for comfort and charm.
The website said it calculated annual price averages for a standard double room and the average hotel rating for U.S. cities. Only cities with at least 50 hotels and a minimum average of 150 user ratings per hotel were considered, the news release states.
Here are Trivago's top 10 2016 US Best Value Cities
1. Branson, MO
2. Macon, GA
3. Montgomery, AL
4. Wichita, KS
5. Sioux Falls, SD
6. Lincoln, NE
7. Springfield, MO
8. Little Rock, AR
9. Augusta, GA
10. Tulsa, OK