MACON, Ga. -- A new interactive site offers both locals and visitors to Macon a new way to experience the area's music history.

Macon Music Trail will officially launch on July 22, although you can already visit the site, which also has information for music tourists and musicians alike.

You can check out resources for guided and self-guided tours, use an interactive map with filters to explore Macon's music landmarks, look up some of the city's biggest music events, and even check for resources on practice space, repair shops, lessons, and much more.

"So we are very excited to launch the Macon Music Trail website. And the Macon Music Trail website is sort of a repository of everything Macon music. So the process was really long and arduous, and we had great partners. Jessica Waldon helped to curate all of our content, Matt Smith designed the website, and it is sort of the one-stop-shop to learn about everything Macon music, past, present, and future," director of tourism at Visit Macon Steven Fulbright said.

Macon Music Trail is a project of Visit Macon, which kicked off the initiative on Wednesday with a celebration at the visitor's center on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Those behind Macon Music Trail hope the resource offers something unique to the different groups of people it's intended for.

“Visit Macon is excited to launch the Macon Music Trail website as a showcase of our wonderful musical heritage and live music scene. Not only does this initiative promote Macon as a music destination, it serves as a resource for musicians, performers and venues to connect, communicate and collaborate. Macon is one of the most richest musical destinations in America, and the Macon Music Trail will serve as a portal for the world to experience our culture” president and CEO of Visit Macon Gary Wheat said.