Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 have prompted bands to cancel or postpone their Macon shows. But a local musician and a venue owner are working to remotely connect artists and isolated listeners via Facebook Live.

Daniel Graves recently created the Quarantine Concert Series to highlight local artists and their digital shows, which kick off today with a performance by Blane Dunnam at 4:30 p.m.
Magnolia Moon, James Worsham, Graves and Drew Whitehead all played last Friday night, with concerts scheduled throughout the week.

The events include information on how to tip the artists.

“I saw a lot of fellow musicians cancel gigs, and it’s often their primary source of income,” Graves said. “Some local musicians were playing live (online), and I had other friends mention how they wished there was a calendar so they knew when everyone was playing live. It just snowballed from there.”

Graves said there’s already 20 Facebook Live concerts scheduled, with more in the works. He’s hoping to schedule three each weekday and four on the weekends. Brandon Lawler, owner of the bar and music venue JBA, is helping Graves. Lawler closed his venue until at least April 1.

“There’s no way I could have done this by myself,” Graves said. “He’s had to close his doors for now, and he’s graciously offered to keep things organized and get musicians into their appropriate time blocks and help promote. We’re trying to get it to where everything is streamlined.”

As Middle Georgians hunker down for what looks like to be at least another several weeks of social distancing and isolation, Graves noted that the online concerts are a way to stay connected.

“Just because we should stay home doesn’t mean we can’t be sociable,” he said. “With tools like social media, you can kind of do that. We don’t do it for the money, but that’s how a lot of us make a living. A lot of these guys have taken huge hits to their incomes. If everyone who watches can share a dollar, they can help them provide for their families. Every little bit helps.”

To get in touch with Graves and Lawler about getting on the schedule, message them on the Quarantine Concert Series Facebook page. Graves said obviously anyone is welcome to go live whenever they want, and he’ll try to promote them, but he and Lawler are working to schedule the performances so they can to keep them from overlapping too much.

Friends of Macon Music are helping promote the initiative. Bands across the country are using streaming platforms to perform for homebound audiences.
“With the mission of Friends of Macon Music being to support local arts and culture, I am thrilled to see artists come together to celebrate music while we’re all a part from one another,” executive director Chandler Price said.

To view the live music concerts or for musicians to sign up, visit:

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