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Author: Elliot James

Elliot James is a writer, journalist and performing artist who’s professional work has centered around sociopolitical matters and cross-cultural relations, arts and lifestyle, and international affairs. As a Southern storyteller his multimedia and journalistic work is committed to telling stories with a focus on depicting the American South in an accurate and historical manner. He holds a B.A. in political science from California State University Fullerton and B.A. in Journalism from Mercer University. Elliot serves Visit Macon as the Web Media Manager.

Places To Eat At The Macon Bacon Baseball Game

Thursday, August 1, 2019 4:00 PM by Elliot James

  Macon Bacon Baseball just wouldn't be a ball game without great food. Good thing the Bacon are scoring big when it comes to concessions. In addition to the iconic peanuts and Cracker Jack, the team has added 32 new food and drink items to the menu. Here's where to get the grub while watching Macon's home team hit it out of the park.

  The Weekend ... always has so much in-store. We've got to live it up to its potential. But, sometime making plans for a fantastic adventure can be tough. With so much on our plate and limited time to get everything done during the week, all we want is a relaxing weekend full of new experiences. So we cut out all of the work. Here are some excellent adventures and things to do this upcoming weekend. No need to budget the bank, all of these activities are at a bargain!