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Tales of Macon
Haley Garrett

I have a passion for storytelling and digital communications that I implement as the Web Media Manager at Visit Macon. Growing up only forty-five minutes away from Macon in a rural area near Dublin, my family has always made stops in Macon for shopping, events, to grab bite to eat. and to enjoy the beautiful downtown area. Now I'm excited to share all the reasons that others should also join in giving Macon an opportunity on their next trip. This city has interesting history and unique ties to musicians that have called Macon their home and it is reflected in the strong community that works to preserve and further improve the area. 

St. Patrick's Day stops in Macon

Whether you are heading to Dublin or Savannah for St. Patrick's Day, Macon is a great stop tocelebrate the holiday, especially with the International Cherry Blossom Festival falling only one day later this year. …

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When Will the Cherry Trees Bloom

Every March, anticipation fills the air as buds on over 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees are preparing to bloom. However, there have been rare years where it seemedrandom as to when the trees decide to wake up and paint the streets with their pink hues. We’ve compiled some key information on what influences the area’s Cherry Trees to bloom and what you can expect this year…

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