When we talk about Macon, we talk about the music legends and unmatched antebellum architecture. But one of the coolest parts about Macon is the unique topography. We're on the fall line, so we're where the rolling hills meet the flat coastal land, which makes for breathtaking views and landscapes.

Because Macon has unforgettable views, we've listed 5 places to capture a great shot of Macon. Get ready to pull out your cell phones and selfie sticks!

1. Bond Street
A few steps away from Coleman Hill, which itself offers great views of downtown Macon, is where Bond Street curves, on the side of the Woodruff House. This curve is one of the highest points in Macon and provides a great view for miles and miles toward the East.

2. The River Trail at Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park
The River Trail includes a boardwalk that overlooks the Walnut Creek wetlands at Ocmulgee. If you walk the boardwalk in the morning, the view is spectacular! As with any outdoor trail, be aware of your surroundings because visitors have occasionally encountered dangerous wildlife on the trail.

Walnut Creek Wetlands at Ocmulgee 

3. Great Temple Mound at Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park
Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park is so big and has so many opportunities for great photo ops that it just had to be listed twice! If you want to see views of downtown Macon, the wetlands and the many miles of land at Ocmulgee, then stand atop the Great Temple Mound. The mound's flat-top offers a panoramic view of the city (featured photo above, courtesy of ONM).

4. Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens at Middle Georgia State University
Many visitors, and even residents, don't know that we have our own Botanical Garden right here in Macon! The gardens were first constructed in 1967, where the campus became home to more than 1600 trees, 2500 shrubs, and 12,000 plants. Almost 50 years later, visitors can enjoy the gardens and walk along the campus' trail.

5. Rose Hill Cemetery
While Rose Hill is the resting place of many Macon notables, the cemetery also has some breathtaking landscapes as well. Some sections of Rose Hill could double as the backdrop of any scene from The Secret Garden. Not to mention the beautifully sculpted tombs and sandstone steps that lead to the Ocmulgee River trail.

Rose Hill Cemetery (photo courtesy of Rose Hill) 

Honorable Mention: We had to add the cupola at the Hay House as an honorable mention. You have to pay for the tour of the house, along with a little extra to be able to go up to the cupola, but the views are well worth it. Here, you get a 360 degree view of downtown Macon, and it's spectacular!

View from the Hay House Cupola 

If you have other places in Macon with great views, please share them with us!