If you haven't heard by now, H&H Soul Food Restaurant's "Mama Louise" Hudson is featured on the cover of the 2015 Georgia Travel Guide. Not only is she known for serving up delicious food in the kitchen, but her claim to fame was for feeding struggling musicians that eventually came to be known as The Allman Brothers Band.

We know fans of The Allman Brothers Band span the globe, and when you make your trip to Macon, you have to make a stop at all of the places that were significant to the band. Here's a list of 5 cool key places you must visit if you're an Allman Brothers fan or simply a music history lover :

1. H&H Restaurant at 807 Forsyth Street - Of course this soul food stop is a must for any fan of the band. This is where the band was fed and developed a lifelong friendship and bond with Mama Louise.

2. The Robert McDuffie Center for Strings of Mercer University at 315 College Street- This beautiful white columned building is the new home for The Robert McDuffie Center for Strings, but it is also where the band's first album cover was shot.

3. Rose Hill Cemetery at 1071 Riverside Drive- This is the place where the back cover of the band's first album was shot. It's also the location of the graves of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley.


4. The Library Ballroom located at 652 Mulberry Street - This ballroom has served many functions over the years, but it is also the location of the band's first paid gig as a group.

5. The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House, 2321 Vineville Avenue - This house became the home of the band members, their friends, families and roadies from 1969-1973. It is the house where many of the band's hits were inspired. Explore the band's connection to Macon and how they changed the face of music at The Allman Brothers Band Museum. The museum is open Thursday-Sunday from 9am to 7pm.