Macon has a story and you can help tell it. Macon is a city rich with culture and history. With great places to eat, world-renowned museums and a strong musical identity, Macon's story should be told to those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing Macon. Become a Macon Ambassador and be a part of Macon's storytelling. The I AM Macon program gives you the tools you need to advocate for the Song and Soul of the South.

Anyone who plays a part in providing customer service to visitors is welcome to participate. Everyone from the tour guide to the waiter to the taxi driver contributes to making Macon a top tourist destination.

Our complimentary "I AM Macon' customer service program was developed to increase the community's awareness of tourism's economic impact and to give tips on how to provide a superior customer service experience for visitors.

The three hour customer service training includes a tour of downtown, highlighting the main attractions, and an interactive customer service training session. You'll learn about the economic impact of tourism, residential resources, cultural awareness, and how to meet the needs of our visitors. At the end, you'll receive your Macon Ambassador certification.

While we encourage anyone who works within the community or in a customer service capacity to attend, anyone who wants to become a Macon Ambassador is more than welcome to sign up. We can also customize a session for large groups. To register, go to For more information please contact Rhonda Okurowski at or 478-743-1074.


Co-Writer: Rhonda Okurowski, Dowtown Visitors Center Manager