If you've traveled through Central Georgia, then there's a high possibility you've heard about or seen the signs for Lane Southern Orchards. A multi-generational family-owned orchard and retail store, Lane serves it up in produce and in the kitchen. Pecan produce is on display throughout the store packaged in bread, jams, pies and candies, but are you familiar with how pecans are mass collected?

Sure you've seen pecans on the ground or seen the wind blow the branches causing the pecans to fall on your head, but for Lane, expensive, top of the art industrial machines (valued at around $110,000) actually shake the trunks and branches of the trees to retrieve the pecans.

Lane Southern Orchards Lane Southern Orchards

We spoke with Phillip Rigdon, the Farm Manager and a Lane on his mother's side, and he gave us the inside scoop on Lane's pecans:

"Lane packing farms approximately 2500 acres of pecans. We are located in Fort Valley, GA but we have pecans in four different counties-Peach, Houston, Macon and also have a thousand acres in Washington County."

So where do all these pecans end up? About 60% are shipped to Asia. Once China and other Asian markets flocked to the health benefits of the nut, the demand for Lane's pecans have grown. The rest are domestically shipped and of course, used to supply the amazing recipes in the Lane retail store and bakery. Many of their products are great for holiday gifts and treats.

Here's the video of the process and pics of some of the tasty products.




Videography by Sade Olajide: Macon-Bibb County CVB Information Specialist