Mike ‘McDuck” Olson brought out his Allman Brothers Band albums when he heard that he is playing in Macon, Georgia. Olson is the guitarist and trumpeter for the Brooklyn-based Lake Street Dive.

He began psyching himself up knowing that he is coming to Allman territory. This is an important show and he is feeling the pressure.

Lake Street Dive comes to Hargray Capitol Theatre on Second Street this Monday. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the show scheduled at 8 p.m.

The band has been on tour throughout the Southeast over the past weeks. They will be playing two sold out shows in Athens and Charleston before arriving in Macon.

Good news, tickets are currently still available for the Hargray concert. Tickets range between $30 and $40 and can be bought online or at the door.

“Macon is not a blip on the map,” Olson said. “(It is) part of the American tapestry.”

Lake Street Dive links their sound to the likes of The Beatles, Carol King and Paul Simon. Their music is a mixed montage of the great chart toppers of the 60s and 70s Pop era.

They strive for pop perfection.

It is no surprise that bandmates have found inspiration and music idols in Macon’s world renowned Otis Redding and Allman Brothers Band.

“I can’t speak for how Rachael (Price) feels knowing that this is the home of Otis Redding,” Olson said.

Price is the lead singer for Lake Street Dive. Her voice has a notable smoky quality as it sways through the lyric line of their music. She is known for her soulfulness and smooth vintage vibe.

According to Olson, she has a little Aretha Franklin. She is a classic soul singer.

Overall Macon’s music has had a direct impact on the band.

Olson named his second son Otis, after Otis Redding. He is not taking this show lightly.

“You don’t want to let those spirits down,” Olson said “We are all very much aware of Macon’s (musical history).”

This is a significant stop for the band and they are excited to be making a return appearance in Macon.

Lake Street Dive came through in 2015 when their notoriety and fame was on the uptick.



Over the years the volume of touring and size of shows is growing and Olson has noticed a change in their audience.

In the early days, Olson remembers their crowds being mostly older, because of their classic vibe and sound. Now a certain kind of youthfulness has grown in their audience.

College-age and high school fans are pouring out into the venues to watch shows. Concerts are alive, exuberant with an upbeat tempo.

For that, Olson links the growth to Price and their songs’ messaging.

Young female listeners identify with Price as a woman who is the lead singer of a band. Her voice resonates with them.

“We see young people who get really psyched by that,” Olson said.

According to the guitarist, everyone in Lake Street Dive is a songwriter. Their lyrics are chalked full of important messages, complex emotions and social commentary.

Olson said, “It can be very frustrating to see the state of the world,” but they are bringing back the positivity through their music.

“Shame, Shame, Shame” from the sixth studio album Free Yourself Up is one of those songs.

With lyrics like “No, I'm not getting caught in your little spiderweb, Won't let an angry dog get me down.” and “Change is comin', oh yeah, Ain't no holdin' it back,” it preaches the positivity that Lake Street Dive strives for during what feels like uncertain times in society.

The song’s groove and soul brings a comforting spirit to its listeners as it shares an inspirational message.

After finishing their American tour this month, the band will be spending a few weeks in Europe. They will make stops in Austria, Germany, France, the U.K., Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands through the month of April.

“We don’t get there often,” Olson said.

The band is hoping to get back into the studio this Fall.