Macon is a city with historic soul. You can feel Macon's culture through our music and food, but our culture can also be found in our budding film industry. Just last week, the film "The 5th Wave," set for release in 2016 and starring Chloë Moretz and Liev Schreiber, was filmed here. "The 5th Wave" is not alone in shooting in Macon. Other recent films shot here include "Trouble with the Curve" (2012), "42" (2013), and "Need for Speed" (2014).

Macon is a city filled with cinematic culture. In fact, we have an annual film festival that's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Our Macon Film Festival and the Macon Film Commission provide free film screenings throughout the year for all to enjoy. The next couple of screenings are:

"The Past Is A Grotesque Animal"
January 18
Cox Capitol Theatre at 7:30pm
Presented by the Macon Film Festival, Bragg Jam, The Blue India and Moonhanger Group


"Slavery by Another Name"
January 22
Mercer Medical School Auditorium at 6:00pm
Presented by the Macon Film Festival, Tubman Museum and Mercer University 


Check out our Events page to view more free film screenings and for more Macon Film Festival updates. Don't forget, the 2015 Macon Film Festival takes place July 16-19 and will feature film screenings, celebrity guests, special screenings and workshops.

 *An extra treat. Click here to view the time-lapse video of "The 5th Wave" filming, courtesy of Harrison Frazier.