It's that time of the year again as Macon celebrates National Tourism week, starting May 1 through May 7. Tourism remains a top leading contributor to jobs and economic development in the Macon area.

The travel industry directly generated 147.9 billion in tax revenue to local, state, and federal governments.

According to the Travel Industry Association, traveler expenditures in 2014 had the following economic impact in Macon-Bibb County:

  • Contributed $328.37 million to Macon's economy
  • Supported $3,309 jobs
  • Produced $78.97 million in resident wages
  • Created  $8.94 million in local tax revenue
  • Generated $12.96 million in state tax revenue
  • Bibb County ranked 10th of 159 Georgia counties for 2014 tourism expenditure levels
  • Each Bibb County household received $312 in tax relief as a result of tourism efforts

The Macon-Bibb County Convention and Visitors Bureau is supporting the theme "Travel 16" because 2.1 trillion of the travel industry supports one in nine American jobs. It is also a job creator, pro-family and it’s good for our health. Travel heavily benefits relationships, children, and families. Several research studies have confirmed that travel promotes positive health effects. This is a huge platform that anyone can continue to support!