The Macon Film Festival, happening July 21-24, is quickly approaching! In honor of this awesome event, here’s a list of some movies that have been filmed in Macon, Georgia throughout the years. 


1.) The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings

Released in 1976 and featuring movie greats like James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams, this movie follows the story of Negro League pitcher Bingo Long and his band of barnstormers, who are tired of the slave-like treatment of their team’s owner, as they make their way through the small towns of the Midwest in 1930s. Visit Luther Williams Field in Central City Park to see where the movie was filmed. 


2.) The Crazies

Released in 2010, the film is about a small town in Iowa whose water supply is accidentally infected with the “Trixie” virus. After an incubation period of 48 hours, the virus gradually transforms the victim’s mental state into that of a depraved killer. This thrilling movie’s car wash scene was filmed at the Fountain Car Wash here in Downtown Macon. 


3.) Trouble with the Curve

Released in 2012 and starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake, the film follows the story of an aging baseball scout whose given one last assignment to prove his value to the organization and forced to accept help from his daughter to do so. Though they haven’t spent time together through the years, they make new discoveries from their shared past that could change their futures forever. Luther Williams Field, the former home of the Macon Braves, was the backdrop for this film.


4.) 42

Released in 2013 and starring Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, and Christopher Meloni, the film follows the story of the great Jackie Robinson and his difficult journey as the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. Several locations in the Macon area were used for this film including Luther Williams Field in Central City Park, Cherry St., Second St., and Third Street. 


5.) Need for Speed

Released in 2014, this film stars Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper. Fresh out of prison, a street racer, who was framed by a wealthy business associate, joins a cross country race seeking revenge. His ex-partner places a massive bounty on his head after learning of his plan. The street car racing scenes took place on Magnolia Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. 


Be sure to check out these film locations and get your ticket for the upcoming Macon Film Festival