Last week, many colleges and universities started their fall semester. With classes underway in grammar and high schools, as well as higher education, we wanted to place a spotlight on some local educational institutions. One of our information specialists attends Middle Georgia State University and has given us the student's perspective of MGSU. 

My name is Danielle Bone. I am now a senior in the school of business with a major in marketing and minor in management at Middle Georgia State University. From my perspective, MGSU strives to offer both associate and bachelor's degrees that enhance the lives of those who call Macon home as well as those who prefer the smaller university atmosphere. Despite being a small university, MGSU will be offering Master's degree programs within the next coming years. Did I mention that the tuition rocks compared to other universities in the state?

Middle Georgia State University Students 

In terms of meeting new people, it's easy to make new friends at MGSU. Every college freshman is new to the school, regardless of attending grammar or high school together, so it's a lot less awkward to introduce yourself. For me, I found it easier to make friends once I found my area of interest. I say that because you will begin to see the same faces in some of your classes which naturally brings you closer. Middle Georgia State University's student life center always has events planned for the current month to bring students together in fellowship. MGSU's dorm rooms are laid out like apartments, with each student having their own bed and bathroom. I find that many students and faculty meet up for coffee at Starbucks in the PSC building, play a couple games of pool in the student life building, hang out in the dorms with each other, or exercise together.

In college, you'll get to take classes of subjects that are fascinating to you, take on challenging concepts, and find your passion. Middle Georgia State University offers degree programs in a wide variety of specialties such as Nursing, Education, Business, Biology, etc. The professors make the work load both fun and challenging to you at the same time. The academic advising center is there for students at no cost to help aid in their studies, and the tutors strive to see you succeed and understand challenging concepts.

Writer: Danielle Bone, Macon-Bibb County CVB Information Specialist and senior at MGSU.