Let’s make this International Cherry Blossom Festival the easiest one to navigate yet! Here are a few tips, tricks, and events to keep on your radar.

Cherry Blossom Shuttle Map 2023

Where do I park?

You can find amusement rides and games, daily concerts and food vendors at Carolyn Crayton Park. Every day the park will be open but be sure to check the hours of operation.

Events like the Cherry Blossom Parade, Weiner Dog Races, Food Truck Frenzy and Cherry Market, Bed Races, and Third Street Park Activities, are all held downtown. So what's the easiest option with parking if you are looking to travel between the park and downtown? The Cherry Blossom Festival will have shuttle services running each weekend of the festival. There are also park and walk options. Check below for that info!

Shuttle Services

Saturday, March 18

Parking Lot in between Barks N Brews and Burger King on Riverside Drive

First Pickup -- 10:00 AM

Last Pickup from Carolyn Crayton Park -- 10:00 PM

Sunday, March 19

Parking Lot in between Barks N Brews and Burger King on Riverside Drive

First pickup -- 12:00 PM

The shuttle will run from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, route is only for the lot by Burger King and goes to Carolyn Crayton Park

Mulberry Parking Lot

Shuttles start at 5:00 PM with the last pickup from Carolyn Crayton Park at 10:00 PM

Saturday, March 25 

Parking Lot in between Barks N Brews and Burger King on Riverside Drive

Starts at 10:00 AM 

Last Pickup at Carolyn Crayton Park -- 10:00 PM

Sunday, March 26 

Parking Lot between Barks N Brews and Burger King on Riverside Drive

Pick-up starts at 12:00 PM

Last Pickup from Carolyn Crayton Park at 10:00 PM

Park and Walk

  • Atlanta Gas Light lot (which is immediately after you pass under the bridge on the right before Day Break.)
  • Throughout Willie Smokey Glover Drive (park area, one way exit and entry)


When will the trees bloom?

The festival is held across 10 days that see the highest probability of the cherry trees entering their peak bloom. The original founder of the festival, William A. Fickling Sr., kept a log that tracked the cherry trees' bloom period for over 10 years. To ensure the trees are blooming for your arrival, we recommend watching our live BloomCam! No need to guess or call, just watch for free!

Watch the live BloomCam starting on March 1, 2023!


Which events should you not miss?

This is a tough one. One thing that makes the Cherry Blossom Festival so unique is the wide assortment of events. From the crowd-pleasing too-cute-to-believe, Wiener Dog Races held downtown to classic acts at Carolyn Crayton Park like the Human Cannonball or Strong Man. In addition, several community events are held to coincide with all things Pink. We recommend checking out a rare view of the Ocmulgee Mounds through their Lantern Light Tour.  Please check out the full list of events by clicking below!


Will There Be Carriage Rides?

Great news! Horse-drawn-carriage rides are coming back to the International Cherry Blossom Festival. This visitor favorite will be available at the Third Street Park Festivities which are held daily from March 20th to March 24th from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. 

Can I bring a pet to Carolyn Crayton Park?

No pets are allowed, however, please feel free to bring your furry friend to our walkable downtown!

Pink Provisions Graphic

How can I find the most festive restaurants and shops?

Never fear, the Visit Macon team has a new Pink Provisions Trail App which lists several food, drinks and desserts that celebrate the pinkest party on earth! Please download the Pink Provision Trail by clicking below and be sure to rank your favorite drink as part of the "Drink The Pink" competition, so you can win some free swag!

Pink Provisions Trail specials go live from March 17th to March 26th.

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