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8 Week Intro to Glassblowing (Learning the Basics)

January 30, 2022 - March 31, 2022

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  • 1055 Riverside Drive, Suite A, Macon, GA 31201
  • 478-254-1830
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Location: Startup Studios
  • Time: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Price:

Price: $640/person
Koozie Club Members can take advantage of an extra 15% off of this class. (Contact us for your discount code)
You may not leave each class with a completed piece, the outcome of each class differs based on the individuals skill level and everyone learns at a different rate.
Each 3.5 hour class runs once a week for 8 weeks (3 hours of instruction and practice, 30 minutes for cleanup)
We want everyone to have enough time to practice so we also have studio time available for rent at a discounted $40/hr or $60/hr with the instructors assistance. A minimum of 2 hours is required per practice time.
Week 1: Equipment, Tools, Safety and Your first gather of glass
Class A: Jan. 30th
Class B: Feb. 3rd
Basic introduction to equipment, tools and safety. We will
then dive right in to learning how to gather glass and begin becoming familiar
with the material. Each student will spend time getting comfortable with
gathering glass out of the furnace. Once comfortable you can move on to practicing
making Jack Lines in the gathered glass and placing them in the kiln.
Week 2: Gathering, Marvering and Blowing
Class A: Feb. 6th
Class B: Feb. 17th
Getting comfortable moving around the studio, getting your gathers and shaping your glass are key to blowing your first (or starter) bubble. Get this down and the rest will be smooth sailing.
Week 3: Second Gather, Making your First Cup
Class A: Feb. 20th
Class B: Feb. 24th
After getting your starter bubble, we will get our second gather and work with newspaper and your other hand tools to learn the process of making your own cups. This process is integral for making any blown object in the glass studio.
Week 4: Keep Practicing
Class A: Feb. 27th
Class B: Mar. 3rd
We will start by practicing what we learned in the previous
class making cups. This class is reserved for really getting through the cup making process on your own with help from your assistant.
Think critically about a design/form and bring a few shape ideas to the next class.
Week 5: Make it MULTIPLE!
Class A: Mar. 6th
Class B: Mar. 10th
With your design we will work towards understanding how to manipulate the glass to create the design you have drawn.
‘This class will be reserved for making your matching cup
set. Half of the class you will work on your production and the second half you
will be learning to assist another student in making their cups.
Week 6: The Bowl
Class A: Mar. 13th
Class B: Mar. 17th
Now that you have practiced your bubble and shape making,
you should have the skills to form the glass in any way you want. For this
class we will be making bowls.
Week 7: More Practice!
Class A: Mar. 20th
Class B: Mar. 24th
Practice makes perfect so we will continue working the glass to make the shapes/objects you want to try to make.
Week 8: Final Class
Class A: Mar. 27th
Class B: Mar. 31st
Using the skills and techniques you learned through the past
7 weeks, we will spend the day making whatever you want to try to make with the addition of color. Use this time to get creative and take risks.