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Brent Cobb - Southern Star Tour

November 18, 2023

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FROM ROLLING STONE BY JOSEPH HUDAK:  Few artists embody the South quite like Brent Cobb — the guy is a walking bowl of greens. On his new song “Southern Star,” he summons the easygoing vibes and sounds of his native Georgia. Accented by Wurlitzer keys and Cobb’s own acoustic strumming, it’s a song about going home.

“Under the Southern star I heal all of my scars/As cicadas sing ain’t it the sweetest dream,” Cobb sings. “Winding kudzu vines untangle up my mind/How beloved is my home sweet home.”

The track doubles as the title of Cobb’s upcoming new album, recorded at Capricorn Sound Studios, the recording home of the Allman Brothers Band, in Macon. Southern Star, self-produced by Cobb, arrives Sept. 22 on his Ol’ Buddy Records and Thirty Tigers.

“This album, the songs, the sounds… it’s all a product of where I’m from both musically and environmentally,” Cobb says in a statement. “Historically and presently that place also happens to be the same place that cultivated a good many of the most influential artists in the whole world of music. Music as we know it would not exist without the American south. It’s funky and sentimental. It’s simple and complex.” 

“Southern Star” debuts with an accompanying music video, directed by Jace Kartye, that captures Cobb recording at Capricorn — and making a pot of greens.

Southern Star track list:
1. “Southern Star”
2. “It’s a Start”
3. “Livin’ the Dream” 
4. “Patina”
5. “‘On’t Know When”
6. “Kick the Can”
7. “Devil Ain’t Done”
8. “When Country Came Back to Town”
9. “Miss Ater”
10. “Shade Tree”