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Chamomile and Whiskey

March 31, 2023

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All it took was a bit of simple mixology to connect the dots for Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl, better known as the founders of deep-roots-rock outfit Chamomile and Whiskey. One evening Borgman and Kerl, native musicians of Nelson County, Virginia, combined chamomile tea with Evan Williams bourbon whiskey for an evening libation. Upon taste, the duo decided that the combo of chamomile and whiskey perfectly embodied the music they’d been creating—thus, Chamomile and Whiskey was born. The band's latest album, Red Clay Heart, released in 2020 and produced by Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), earned a host of critical praises from publications like American Songwriter and Cowboys and Indians, who called the single “Dead Bird” a “knockout brew of a song that makes you feel like maybe you’ve been drinking some of that moonshine-y tea that gave the band its name…it starts out nice and civilized and then comes on nice and strong.”