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Gary Lazer Eyes

June 23, 2023

Born in 2015 amidst the chaos of hosting our first DIY music/art events (as well as our dwindling academic careers). We managed to get our shit together the following year. Gary Lazer Eyes began as nothing more than a seemingly endless debaucherous experience, slowly proved to be a rewarding creative outlet as well. Touring around Florida and the eastern half of America in a short bus (RIP Bertha) has enabled us to perform our original music on a variety of stages - from strangers' living rooms to the main stage at music festivals, from red light district basement bars to a bowling alley in Pittsburgh (that we're pretty sure was a front for something cool and illegal). While introspective and fantastical at times, our tunes are reveries of revelry and the constant onslaught of experiences that we’re lucky enough to have thrown at us.