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Wesleyan Theatre Club Production

The dates for this event have already occurred, please check back again for new dates.

February 3, 2018

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About the plays: “A disgruntled ghost finds fun with young ghost hunters” - Marjorie at Midnight by Alex Paulk "The struggle of royalty." - Once Upon Again by Madison Valentine "A cat attempts to communicate with its oblivious human." - Cat vs Human by Natalie Stallworth "M'kaila Jongwe learns the hard way that it's hard to hide things from your parents--especially when one of them is a teacher at your school." M'kaila gets an "F" in Life by Sharmaine Fisher "A casual conversation between old friends reveals  life changing circumstances and intense issues that cannot be easily resolved." - Chill Day, by Ashley Darby "A quirky girl uses her musical knowledge and the help of her music class to give a bully a piece of her mind." - I AIN'T YOU by D'Maya Kirkland