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Chevo's Mexican Restaurant

4921 Riverside Drive, 31210, GA 31210

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Welcome to Chevos Mexican Restaurant - Where Flavor Meets Family! Chevos Mexican Restaurant is a product of deep passion and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. It all began with our visionary and passionate owner, Juan Alaniz. His unwavering desire to bring the authentic taste of Mexico to our community drove him to embark on this incredible culinary journey. Juan, a true aficionado of Mexican cuisine, takes great pride in his roots and the rich culinary traditions of his homeland. Originally from Mexico, he brings a genuine touch of his heritage to every dish that leaves our kitchen. Juan is determined to share his love for home and for Mexican flavors with the Macon community. But Chevos Mexican Restaurant is more than just a restaurant; it's a tight-knit family business. Alongside Juan, you will find his dedicated wife, Imelda Maldonado, gracing the dining area with her warm and welcoming presence. Their two talented daughters, Evelin, and Kimberly Alaniz play integral roles in running the restaurant.