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Welcome to the official branding site of Macon, Georgia- "Where Soul Lives!" We can see, feel and hear the soul of Macon everywhere. We experience it in our architecture, restaurants, attractions, theaters, art galleries, events, and so much more. Everyone shares their “soul stories” in different ways and become ambassadors for Macon. We are able to show others what makes Macon such a great place to live and visit through our passion and love for this special city. 

            Kirk at Gallery West

Become a part of the effort!  Explore the website for valuable resources, tips and ideas.

Why Branding?

Macon’s previous tagline, “Song and Soul of the South,” defines Macon as more of a... Read More

Branding Process

The Macon CVB began the branding process in 2014. We worked with Steve Chandler, marketing and... Read More

"Where Soul Lives" Brand Story

It's not something that develops overnight, but something that evolves over time – ... Read More

Branding Implementation Ideas

Our community has begun to adopt a unified brand that will identify us nationally and... Read More


The new brand clearly conveys the essence of Macon – as well as its combined characteristics,... Read More

What Does Logo Mean?

The logo is designed to serve as a bold, yet playful mark that denotes our city’s colorful... Read More

Branding Updates

We are hard at work implementing the "Where Soul Lives" community brand. Read More

Branding Partners

Thanks to the community partners who’ve committed to helping us implement the new community... Read More

Contact Us

Are you interested in learning more about how you can get involved? If you would like to become a... Read More