What Does the Logo Mean?

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What Does the Logo Mean?

The logo is designed to serve as a bold, yet playful mark that denotes our city’s colorful past and vibrant future. “Where Soul Lives” was created to speak not only to our rich history, but also of who we are today. Macon is a vibrant, growing city, teaming with hospitality and history, with tons to offer visitors and residents alike.

Yellow M: Invokes feelings of warmth, vibrancy, comfort and joy. Represents the bright future of Macon, the hospitality one experiences while in Macon and the sun shining down on Macon’s landscapes.

Red-Orange A: Invokes an awe-inspiring feeling. Represents Macon’s historic architecture found in our homes, churches and community buildings that are primarily built with bricks.

Green C: Invokes feelings of serenity and inspiration. Represents Macon’s beautiful natural assets (lush grass, trees, and other flora/fauna) on display throughout our yards, parks and greenspaces, particularly at Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park.

Red O: Invokes feelings of energy and passion. Represents Macon’s thriving arts and cultural community.

Orange N: Invokes feelings of connectivity to our roots, to nature, to this community. Represents our unique soil, Georgia Clay.

If you would like a downloadable version of the logo, please contact Valerie Bradley at vbradley@visitmacon.org.

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